How do I locate a defendant in the system?

> Go to the website of the county detention center and perform an inmate search.  Links can be found on this website.  

How do I find out the amount of the defendant's bond?

> Call the county sheriff's office and inquire on the bond amount.  

What is an appearance bond?

> A bond that is set by the judge to allow for a conditional release of the defendant until the appointed court date.  

Who sets the bail amount?

> The magistrate or judge presiding over the charge.  

How is the bail fee paid?

> A defendant can pay the court directly for the full amount of the bond, or can hire a bondsman to secure the release. The fee can be paid via cash, credit card, or real estate.  

What is an indemnitor?

> The individual who entered into the legally-binding civil contract with the bondsman to ensure the appearance of the defendant (the indemnitor may or may not be the defendant).  

What are the indemnitor responsibilities?

> To ensure the defendant appears in court at their appointed date and time.  

What is a co-signer?

> An individual, other than the defendant, who is responsible for the bond.  

Can the defendant leave the state?

> Yes, with permission of the court.  

What happens if I don't show up for my appointed court date?

> A warrant is issued for the defendant's arrest.  


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